Some unsolicited advice

Sep 14 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

It was great being here at Scientopia for the past two weeks! If you’ve enjoyed reading my posts, then please follow me back to my usual spot:

In the lab I’m known to always come by with unsolicited advice. Whether you’re dating a new guy, you have a new outfit or you’re presenting plans or data for labmeeting, I’ll usually have something to say about it, unless I’m very specifically asked to shut up. Since I feel that this is my last chance of reaching such a large audience before going back to my own measly blog, here’s some good advice I’d like to share:

-          Don’t complain to new (or not so new) parents about how tired you are. Even if you are super tired, at least realize that you get to sleep in whenever you want without some baby waking you up at 7am.

-          If you are using more than one t-test and then you’re saying that there’s a difference between the one p-value and the other, you should have used an ANOVA

-          No wonder you think there’s no difference in your loading control, when you completely over-expose your beta-actin bands on Western blot.

-          If you have recorded from only two (crappy) cells, there is nobody who wants to sit down for an hour long labmeeting hearing about your results, because your next two cells may show something completely different.

-          If you’re going to the gym, you can change there. There’s no need to walk around in public wearing gym clothes. Or, even worse, pyjamas.

Alright, that was all folks! Thanks for reading!

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