So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish.

Jul 22 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I've packed up my dormitory room in the Scientopia catacombs. I've secured Fonzie the Genetically Engineered Flying Helper-Lemur in an attachment-parenting baby sling, much to his vociferous consternation. I'm loaded up and heading home, back to Infactorium, where I'll continue blogging about health care engineering, sobriety, and other matters of academic and industrial interest (I hope). I've enjoyed my time here. I hope you've gotten something out of it too.

I hope you've gotten a little bit of appreciation for the kind of interdisciplinary work that needs to be done to improve health systems, from understanding how medical research is done to describing how systems theory applies to the delivery of health care. I didn't get to do quite as much of the latter as I wished, given my strange travel schedule during the time. But I hope the basic introduction I did give was a tiny bit enlightening in terms of how engineers see the problem of delivery of care.

I hope that I've left you with a little bit of perspective on people in recovery, people with extant mental illnesses, which must be managed through regular diligence. If you have an alcoholic in your life, an addict, there's help, for you and for them. When we addicts reach for help, we are generally capable of recovery. But it has to come from within; recovery cannot be imposed from without. I hope, if nothing else, I've shown that addicts in recovery are capable of being ordinary people, of doing science and participating in society.

Fonzie is scratching. There's a door, and a bright light. I think the sun is shining. Thank you to all the denizens here that let me stomp around in your labs and muck up your glassware. Thanks for letting me see the future of science, long before the world at large gets to! It's like having been let into the archives of the Closed Access Journal. The people here at Scientopia are doing amazing things. And only 60-70% of them are aimed at global dominion. Don't worry. I've sabotaged the Genomic Repairman's ophidian perfidy, and GertyZ's (Not her real name! Her real name is GertyX!) and Scicurious's new mind control powder, while potent, no longer has a reliable delivery system.

Good luck to the next inhabitant of this space. Please ignore the rubbery substance on the window ledge. By most definitions, it's not even really alive.

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