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Hello Scientopia! My name is Jordan Gaines, perhaps better known as "Gaines, on Brains."

Actually, that may be an overstatement. You see, I'm still pretty new to the science blogging world.

It was only about a year ago now when I learned that science writing is a thing—in that people reporting last night's baseball scores aren't the necessarily the same people detailing the latest Alzheimer's breakthroughs or discussing global warming. I mean, sometimes they are the same people—and that's where the frustration with science journalism (bad science journalism) begins.

That, coupled with the fact that a rift still exists between the Ivory Towers and the average layperson, is what drove me to start my neuroscience-without-the-jargon blog "Gaines, on Brains."

Without further ado, a few introductory factoids about myself:

  • I'm entering my 2nd year of a Ph.D. program in Neuroscience at Penn State. I became interested in the Sleep Research and Treatment Center associated with the hospital here—so while I have not officially picked a thesis lab yet, I've definitely been honing in on the sleep stuff.
  • I define myself by the things I love, which include, but are not limited to: dogs, rowing, books, Harry Potter, clarinet-ing, the Beatles, and cake. (In regards to the latter, it's mostly because of the frosting [buttercream, not whipped]).
  • I'm 5'10"—so pretty tall for a chick—but I'm also related to the shortest U.S. President in history. James Madison stood a towering 5'4".

I look forward to guest-blogging here for the next two weeks. I would like to extend a thank-you to Jason Goldman from SciAm's The Thoughtful Animal for nominating me to be here.

In the meantime, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or check out my blog Gaines, on Brains to get a feel for my writing.

Happy Monday!

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