biochembelle (briefly) invades Scientopia

May 30 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Hiya! I'm Biochembelle, and I'll be taking over the guest blogge for a short while.

For those who don't know me (and maybe for those who do), here are few random tidbits about the new master of this domain:

  • I am a former disgruntledoc but, after returning to a field I adore, on the path to recovery in a lab home where I am a happydoc more days than not. (Yes, indeed, it can happen.)
  • I married soon after undergrad and am still married to the same guy (9 years this week!). So, Snooty Professor who sarcastically wished me luck with staying married through grad school, shove it. (We'll soon embark on the experiment of whether our marriage will survive two PhDs, but I think the odds are pretty good.)
  • I was raised on a healthy regimen of James Bond and Star Trek. I can relate most anything back to the latter. (Oh, just wait.)
  • I count myself as a biochemist most days, but my research over the years has called on a range of tools from synthetic chemistry to animal models.
  • Though a bit sporadic of late, I've been blogging about life in science for about two years. You can my usual postings on WordPress.

Thanks to the Scientopia crew for letting me crash the party. I'm pumped about my brief stint here - and maybe it will be the kick-in-the-ass to get back to posting regularly at my usual digs 🙂

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