Some examples of places where it would be bad to type "pube" when you mean "pub"

Mar 23 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

1." Sorry you weren't chosen. I bet you'll have a better shot next year when you get more pubs."

2. "Last night I was working late and ran across some interesting pubs. I left them on your desk."

3. "In this department, your dissertation committee is going to want you to examine your pubs before they let you defend."

4. "I found some of Edward Tolman's pubs from the 1930's in bound volume in the library. I scanned them if you want to see a copy."

5. "I strongly believe the government should require everyone's pubs be free for everyone to look at whenever they want."

6. "I love that lab's pubs except that they are just too long. They just need to learn how to trim."

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