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Thanks for a great two weeks!  We're leaving you with this parting gift.

People occasionally mistakenly find our blog when they are looking for the answers to something else entirely.  In order to not disappoint them in the future, as well as to spread knowledge, we answer their questions in bulk 2x a month (10 each posting).  Here's this bi-monthly's batch.

Q:  what is grade d it means pass or not in gradual school

A:  You may want to drop out of gradual school anyway... it takes too long to graduate.

Q: when buying fundraiser things from girl scouts who do i make the check out to?

A:  Nicole and Maggie. [#2 notes:  that's not true!  We're not girl scouts!  Generally I think you make it out to the girl scout, but could be wrong here... I seem to have developed a wheat allergy so we haven't bought any this year.]

Q:  how to say we'd love to stay with you

A:  "Would you mind helping us pay for a hotel?"  (#2:  Unless they ask, and they mean it, you don't.)

Q: why shouldn't i sleep in class?

A:  why shouldn't I come to your office and sleep on your desk while you're trying to work?

Q:  i paid off my mortgage so should i change my home insurance?

A:  That depends on your risk in the house and your risk tolerance.  Banks have minimum insurance they require you to have.  Think about a scenario in which your house burns down completely-- would you be ok with no payout?  With a smaller payout than the one you would get currently?  Or do you need at least what the bank required you to have?  The answers to these questions will have to do with how expensive building is and your other areas of financial security-- cash on hand, employment security, wages, etc.

Q:  why parents think you are grumpy

A:  They're perceptive.

Q:  if you owe college money can they take your house away?

A:  Probably not.  College money isn't discharged in bankruptcy, so they can't get at your house that way (and they would only be able to in some states anyway).  You didn't put down your house as collateral, so they don't really have a right to repossess it.  I'd worry more about wage garnishment.

Q:  if you die in your home is paid off do you still have to pay home owners if the home is to be kept

A:  Probably, though local laws may vary on this topic-- you are usually able to get some kinds of grace periods when an emergency (such as death) is involved.

Q:  can you join 2 vertical blinds together to make 1 long one

A:  You can do anything with duct tape.

Q:  will my hypoglycemia go away in my second trimester?

A:  it may get a little better, but it may come back with a vengeance to beat the band third trimester.  Eat small frequent meals!

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