Goodnight Seattle, I love you ... *

Feb 20 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I made it!! I made it to the end! Even with a cold and a lot of work, I somehow managed to write something new almost every day of the week, answer comments, and even tweet.

This was an amazing ride. I'm very thankful to Genomic Repairman for suggesting my name for the Guest Blogge. I'm thankful for having two weeks to post my musings. I'm thankful for the tweets and RTs, and comments and emails. This was awesome (we should do it again, hehe).

Over the last two weeks I've met a lot of wonderful people, here and on Twitter. I wrote about my experiences in school, and as a postdoc, and about my journey on the academic fringe.

I hope y'all enjoyed my time around here. Feel free to drop by the blog anytime, or follow on Twitter. I tend to be fairly good about answering email, tweets and comments, so don't be shy.

Besides blogging, I got some good news this week. I got the results of my year end review ... turns out I got a modest raise! It won't be enough to get me to the Bahamas anytime soon ... but a bit of money in my pocket, while doing kick ass science and helping other structural biologists with their projects is beyond amazing.

All the best and thanks for joining in this 2-week adventure!


*Brownie points if you can tell me which show I modified that line from ūüôā

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