A tiny little break

Feb 18 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Wow, it's been a crazy week. I missed SONYC because I was sick (sorry guys, I reaaaaally missed you but I think it's better to keep my germs to myself). I did manage to post something new almost everyday, except during the weekend, mainly because I was resting (hey, depending on which flavour of Christianity you follow I'm doing the right thing by keeping the Sabbath (on Saturday or Sunday)).

Next week I'll be at a small (local, not national though) conference/meeting and the schedule at work is looking pretty hefty even though it will be a short week. My last day at Scientopia (oh no, so sad) is the 19th, but chances are I'll post my goodbye on Sunday. Plans for the weekend include: continuing my recovery, doing a bit of shopping (mainly groceries, though I do still need to pick up a pair of jeans for work) and cooking at home (something that had been going on for a few weeks and was postponed this week due to illness), a bit of cleaning and just resting and re-gaining my strength. I'm doing a lot better. It's funny (or not) how rhinovirus can knock you off for a couple of days after not being sick for 7-8 months (I may be a bit of wimp).

Stay tuned for my last post, and in the meantime, enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading 🙂

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  • geeka says:

    I love the fact that jeans are work clothes for us. Feel better!

    • 27andaphd says:

      I love that too!!! Thanks :-). I'm doing way better than earlier in the week, and it's just a bit coughing and sneezing and a sometimes stuffy nose. Phewww. I'm now a believer ... resting does help in recovery.