Happy trails, and thanks for reading!

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Well, this is it, my little cupcakes.  I know it's been a long road, and we've all learned a lot.  Dry your tears.  Have a Valium.

Thank you to PLS, who nominated me to guest blog here on Scientopia.  Also, thank you to any of you who read my story.  I can now get back to the important business of finishing my dissertation and being an unbelievable bench scientist.

As a final goodbye, here's a few photos from my personal collection.

Here's a photo I took of a red eft (Notophthalmus viridescens).

Orange and moist. Like an undergrad.


Here's the face of a Canada darner.  They don't bite, but this one was looking ferocious about being handled.


Somewhere, an Aeshna canadensis wants to bite me

Finally, a beetle.

A beetle in the desert


That's it, then.  Don't forget that you can always visit me at my blog: http://pipettingdiva.blogspot.com/.  'Til we meet again, happy trails!

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