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I'm Lab Rockstar.  I run "The Pipetting Diva" blog.  I'm a graduate student in evolutionary biology, sometimes-misanthrope, and laboratory maven.


My card.


My life partner's name is Hot Tottie.  He has two Little Totties that aren't mine, but are making me appreciate that Younger Rockstar had the wisdom to delay childbirth indefinitely.  Instead, I fill the baby-shaped hole in my soul with Bunneh.  On my personal blog, I combine sciencey posts with snarky personal observations.  Here, there will be less photoshopped images of Tila Tequila, more science (although that image was totally relevant).

I promised all 5 of my readers that I would make this 2-week stint at Scientopia epic.

So buckle up, biotches.

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