Greetings from the Jungle

Jan 11 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Hello, Scientopians!

I usually go by GMP (my full pseudonym is geekmommyprof, but I fear that coming up with that name was not my most creative moment...) and I blog at Academic Jungle.

I am a tenured professor in a physical science STEM field at a large public research university. I work at the interface of physics, materials science, and electronics, and my expertise is in theory and computer simulation of certain properties of physical systems. In my work, the word "nano" features a lot. Theory and simulation are cool -- and I  am not the only one who thinks so.

I started as a tenure-track assistant professor in the fall 2004. I began blogging in early 2010, a little while after I learned that I had been approved for tenure. Therefore, I am tenured but still relatively early in my career, so all the tenure-track battle-scars are fairly fresh. I started blogging out of desire to share whatever wisdom I had about surviving on the tenure track, but in the meanwhile the blog has evolved and now features a mix of academic topics (where interactions with students and colleagues take a prominent place) and more personal ones (married, with kids = boundless blog fodder).

I am looking forward to my two weeks of guest blogging, and many thanks to Arlenna for inviting me to play with the Scientopia kids!



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