On introductions and shovels

Dec 12 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Ahoy! Call me Captain Skellett. My interests include science, sailing and long walks on the beach with a compass and treasure map. I’m looking for someone to carry my shovel, if you know what I mean.

(If you think I mean anything other than taking this iron-bladed digging equipment to where X marks the spot, you are fresh out of luck.)

I am grateful to the bottom of me chest for the opportunity to guest blog here on Scientopia amongst such fine bloggers. It is a privilege and an honour to write with you, and I love your community spirits. Thanks particularly to Dr O for swapping with me, as 2012 is looking to be a crazy year with limited internets.

I’ve been running yonder blog, A Schooner of Science, for two and a half years. In children it’s called the terrible two’s, and I’m sure many of you will agree the blog does cuts into sleeping time. But haunted as I am by the whale, I never sleep…

(Some may consider this a pro, the cons being rum-addiction, unkempt hair and increased likelihood of scurvy. To the latter, I can assure you that I likes me rum with a squeeze of lime. And a tiny umbrella.)

We pirates are generalists by trade, so I write about anything that catches my fancy. My background in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and drug design doesn’t stop me blogging on robots, the deep sea, technology and such suchness. Science art is particularly close to my heart.

For those so inclined to follow, find me @CaptainSkellett on Twittarrr and on the book of faces. And so, me hearties, grab this shovel and let us embark on a two week voyage with a drink, a wink, and an on we go.

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