Parting Potpourri

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For my parting shot, somethings that I recommend. I was going to write full blow reviews for my blog but haven’t gotten around to it. This will do well enough.

Anathem, by Neal Stevenson. Speculative fiction. A brick of a book. Can be loosely described as a riff on academics and other “knowledge people”. In this world, all learned people live in cloisters, separated from others for intervals of either 1, 10, 100 or 1000 years. Apt and humorous observations ensue. There is adventure, of the mind and otherwise.

Morning Miracle, by David Kindred. Nonfiction on the newspaper industry, specicially the Washington post. If you have even a passing interest in newpaper reporting, then I would recommend this. The chapter about the Walter Reed hospital expose is worth it alone.

Where Ideas Come From, by Steven Johnson. One of those businessy books on ideas and innovation. If you are super familiar with that sort of thing this book might not add a lot for you. I was not, and found most of it to be interestingly applicable to working in science.

The Master Switch, by Tim Wu. A history of information technologies. Particularly the open or closed nature of these technologies. What happens when a monopoly dominates a new and important technology? Worth it just for the section on early radio, which is odd and fascinating.

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  • OgreMkV says:

    Thanks. I hadn't seen the Stevenson book. I'll check it out. His work is either love it or hate it for me. I loved cryptonomicron, didn't like snow crash at all.