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So, Tuesday I left for New York Tuesday morning.  Flew to Chicago, then on to New York.  I checked in to my $400 a night hotel and then wandered around New York for a while.  I've never been there before.

It was New York.  Just like the TV shows.  Garbage piled on the sidewalks, lots of honking horns, construction, constant police whistles.  I walked to Rockefeller Center, took some very Meta pictures of the LEGO store's model of Rockefeller Center and the LEGO Store made out of LEGO.  I walked down to Central Park, which was very much like you hear about on TV.  Five minutes of walking in, you couldn't hear the city anymore (though you could on the 8th floor of a hotel with sealed windows and heavy drapes).

I walked down to Times Square... lots of lights.  Ate a nice dinner and went to my hotel, where I fought with tech support for three hours before giving up on having an internet connection.  $400 a night and an internet charge of $20 a night and I couldn't get a wireless connection.  I couldn't get a wired connection.  They brought me a wireless bridge.  No dice.

So I get to my meeting in the morning (after a $20 Omelet in a deli across from the hotel).  And get on the internet to find dozens of work e-mails.  from the day before... with an emergency... that they needed fixed the day before (while I was in the air).  sigh.

All day meeting.  Leaving the building on Avenue of the Americas into a fully armed police SWAT team.  Trying to get a taxi and then the insane ride to the airport.  Waiting at the airport for a suddenly delayed flight and finally arriving home at 2:30AM Thursday.

Wake up at 6:30 to get to work and fix all the issues that cropped up during the day.  Worked for an hour at home and realizing that all of my files were at the office.  Go to the office and work like mad to fix something that someone else broke and do it three days ago.

I come home and it's picture day with the family.

I finally check in here and see 85,289,832 e-mails about the discussion.  I'm too tired to deal with it at this point.  If the Scientopia mods want to delete it, cool.  If they want to keep it, that's cool too.

I have no intentions on discussing ID with JoeG and I have no intentions on engaging him further in any way, shape or form.

I guess I'm definitely a wired individual.  After 3 days without personal internet availability I feel so disconnected from everything.

It's like when you take 2 weeks off from work, it's really hard to get back into it and you kind of feel bad that everyone else has had to muddle through without you being there.  It's frustrating.  Which is another reason I don't take a lot of time off.

I'd hate to leave the original discussion, whatever it was, here.  We'll see if I can get it together tomorrow.



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