The farewell post

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And so we come to Sunday, and my two weeks here are done. I hope I have been entertaining.

If not that. then amusing.

If not that, then not too distracting.

If not that, then somewhat bearable.

If not that, then not affecting your daily life too badly.

If not that, then at the very least not causing long-lasting nightmares, mortal aversion against all mathematicians, and a vague dislike for all that is Finnish, plus psychosomatic problems resulting in the unglamorous life of a compelled serial plus sign defacer.

If not even that, well, then I hope I have not created a disturbance in the information structure of the Internet, leading to Google going bing! and collapsing, dragging every other search engine into overheating and similar collapse, triggering a netwide Dark Age of ignorance and forgetting, of link rot and whispers at fading threads of a lost land of something-tube Eltuberado where there were videos, and crenellated forums besieged by hordes of guttural griefers baying for blood; a world where pagecounts plummet and millions-viewed videos lie in silence; a world of darkness, grue and Zalgo; a world which, when the lights of searching eventually rekindle, is illuminated as one where nothing remains but hostile meme-gnawing trolls and bland obsidian forts brimming with the necrotic spamspawn of Hell; only this where the world electric used to stretch, ephemeral, beautiful, and endlessly variable in shock and delight; a new world, maybe, but with the old net lost to bit rot and indifference, with bing but no boing, and no certainty save this: that idiot guestblogger, he caused this all.

Because that would be bad.

If, on the contrary, what you have seen has been entertaining and you'd like to hear more of this Finnish cretin, well, I blog at and as Masks of Eris; I twitter as the same, I am not on Facebook because seriously I don't have the time so I just read Failbook instead; I have a site called Mirrors of Eris, or "perversions of religion, philosophy and conspiracy theory" (infrequently updated), and I draw a doodle a day over at Lemmata. Also I spend too much time on my computer, and have done enough link-pushing for one paragraph.

And I might as well end this with a few doodles. Here's one about a new groundbreaking innovation in medical science:

And one about how some words just stay with me and feel like they have a sinister double meaning, a meaning hidden behind the placid facade of everyday existence:

And here's a question: If people are willing to believe in mediums, why don't they demand this?

And one just because:

This has been a fun two weeks; my most brain- and heartfelt thanks to the Scientopia Rulers generally (The Keepers of Scientopia? The Blogfathers and Hivemothers? The Scientopianites? The Scientopiaries? The Members? I'm not good with formalities.) and to Arlenna especially. Thanks to the commenters, the readers, and the NSA. Farewell, all! See you again! Don't eat the yellow snow! Don't lick cold iron! Don't trust the bears of the forest! Other plausible but false Finnish farewells!

Yup; I think that was all the bad jokes and other ideas I had left. Bye; I'm going back to homebase.

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