Measurement is important

Sep 21 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Went to hear a dean talk-talk today; was 30% inspired, 30% indignant and 40% terrified, as usual. Also doodled; no, this is not an euphemism for inadequate bowel control.

Doodled, that is, drew, a scale for a most necessary machine.

Now I just need the machinery, the voice recognition software and the lot of wires and chips. Possibly a klaxon, or one of those Geiger ticker things. (I'm a quality concepts innovator, me.)

Some obvious questions, answered ---

Q: "Evacuate immediately"? Like, the premises?

A: Well, if that's what you call it. I call it inadequate bowel control.

Q: Can you give examples?

A: Notice that there are nine rough categories, divided into three supercategories. The most bogolicious of these is exemplified by David Icke, people who find Noah's Arks, the History Channel, perpetual motion machine makers, and any administration above department level. Prolonged exposure at this level is a health risk (increased risk of quality and quantum) and a wealth multiplier.

Q: What about the other two supercategories?

A: The lowest supercategory is mostly empty.

Q: Why is "Normal" above "Medium"?

A: Because that's how the things are.

Q: "Replace meter"? Does this mean there is no zero level?

A: Well duh.

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