What a math paper looks like: art edition

Sep 17 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

So I took a mathematical paper that I was a co-author of ---

Ah, sorry, I am a graduate student. Saying "I was a co-author" makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over, like a bear stuck to a van de Graaff generator.

--- and I crammed the paper into Wordle, pruned the result a bit, and lo and behold, this is in word art mathematics as made by professionals (and one ursine graduate student):

A math paper run through WordleMuch prettier, and just as comprehensible!
(click for bigger)

As you can see, there're a lot of words like "assumption", "depending", "follows", "condition" and the like; that's the name of the game: take some foundation, any foundation, and then just build up from that as high as you can go. Also, the "anal" in there doesn't mean what you think. We call that "rigorous".

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