So Great to Meet You!!

Sep 11 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Dearest Friends,

Today is the final day of my two week guest blog extravaganza here at Scientopia.  I can't tell you enough about how much fun I had, and how wonderful it was to make new friends and hear terrific new ideas.  Many of your suggestions will live on here at Suburban Stone Age.  I hope you stop by to visit us, and join us in our further adventures.

If you'd like to keep abreast of what we're up to, you can subscribe to our blog at  I'll also be posting pictures of our projects, such as our upcoming compost bin (based on your suggestions), on SSA's Facebook page.  We always love to hear from all the great folks out there who are looking for and finding solutions, so I hope you'll come play with us.

In the meantime, we'll keep looking to the Information Age, the Agricultural Age, and the Stone Age to build a more sustainable modern life.  We'll keep you posted!

Take care and be well from all of the gang,

Becky Simpson & Crew

Suburban Stone Age



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