Fox Calls Obama's Birthday Party a "Hip Hop BBQ"

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Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College in Los Angeles. She blogs every day at Sociological Images.

So it’s racist, right, to say that the presence of a handful of black people makes a BBQ a “hip-hop BBQ”?  Yes.  And yet that is exactly what the folks at Fox Nation, a Fox-affiliated content-aggregator, did on Friday.

So… let’s see… Obama has a birthday party and invites a whole lotta people — mostly white people but, like, some black people too  – and Fox Nation calls it a “hip hop BBQ.”  As Salon put it: “Black people! Hip-hop!”  They listened to MUSIC! From, like, the United States Marine Band and Stevie Wonder.

In addition to the bold-faced racism (“err, it’s so weird to have black people there; I bet they’re doin’ scary black stuff!”), this tactic is outright deceptive.  Back in 2009, Media Matters’ John Delicath wrote that Fox Nation “craft[s] inflammatory and widely misleading headlines for links to articles by news organizations whose content contradicts the Fox headline.”  Indeed. None of the stories that are linked to in this post — from Politico, theChicago Sun Times, and ABC — are stories about how Obama’s party was over-run by blackness.  But by linking to these sources with an invented headline, Fox Nation attempts to borrow their authoritativeness for its own nefarious project.  If nothing else, it suggests a degree of contempt for their readers, who they either think are just as racist as they are, or aren’t smart enough to read past the picture.

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