Grant Writing Soundtrack

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I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it.

~ Dorothy Parker

Science research can be done on the cheap or with some serious bank.  Whatever the amount, the money is likely from a grant and that grant will have to be written by you (unless you have grant writing elfs).  You'll probably burn the midnight oil, work your fingers to the bone and a few other idioms.  When I think of grant writing, Big Worm from the movie Friday comes to mind....

Grant writing can be an emotional roller-coaster.  Excitement over a research idea can turn to frustration over writer's block.   Jubilation at getting 9 pages done can turn to despair when, after a re-read, you realize 6 of those 9 pages are total crap.  Grant writing can be high stakes and involve late nights, little family time, no social life and falling behind on True Blood.

If ever a process needed a soundtrack, it's grant writing.  Songs that motivate and help you keep it together.   Here are a few songs that are going in my grant writing soundtrack.  Perhaps you've got a go-to grant writing playlist?  Share a few tunes by commenting.

Rb's grant writing soundtrack

I need a dollar ~ Aloe Blacc

She Works Hard For The Money ~ Donna Summer

Gin & Juice ("...with my mind one my money and my money on my mind...") ~ Snoop Dogg

Killing In The Name ~ Rage Against The Machine

Drop It Like It's Hot ~ Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Williams

Money ~ Kingsmen

I Got 5 On It - Da Luniz

Money (from Cabaret) ~ Liza Minnelli & Joel Grey

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