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After seeing all those commercials for K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE® couples lubricants on TV, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to find out.  What chemicals are behind all that sexual chemistry hype?   My research started at the K-Y® website...

Figure 1

In the product description for K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE® (Figure 1), I am going to let slide the two most chemistry-sounding phrases.  "It takes two lubricants to make chemistry.." - gets a pass as I'm sure they mean the colloquialism "sexual chemistry".  Also getting a pass is "catalyst for exploration", as it seems clear K-Y® doesn't mean their lubricants are catalysts by a chemistry definition.

Having dealt with the chemistry-sounding stuff, it's time to get down to the chemistry.  Specifically, the chemicals behind what YOURS will do ("An invigorating warming sensation for him") and what MINE will do ("A thrilling tingling sensation for her").  What chemicals responsible for the "warming" and "tingling".  What makes this product different a "plain" lubricant such as K-Y® Brand Liquid personal lubricant?

Figure 2



K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE® has chemicals for "warming" and "tingling" (cooling), or rather K-Y® MINE® does.  One can think of K-Y® MINE as a sexy IcyHot.  Cooling agent menthyl lactate is for "tingling" and methyl salicylate is for "warming".   Yes, the "warming" promised by K-Y® YOURS is in K-Y® MINE.  Interestingly, K-Y® MINE looks a lot like K-Y® Brand TINGLING® Jelly (Figure 3).

Figure 3


...and K-Y® YOURS looks a lot like a plain K-Y® lubricant (K-Y® Brand Liquid; Figure 4) and K-Y® Brand WARMING® Liquid (Figure 5).


Figure 4


Figure 5

In regards to K-Y® YOURS "warming", perhaps a plain lubricant is warming enough?  Or maybe by adding in glycerin and honey, both more viscous than propylene glycol, K-Y® YOURS is a stickier (and worse) lubricant thus providing a feeling of warmth?  [I look your comments! 😉 Oh-uh..]

There's a little sexy science for you!  Plus, perhaps knowing more about the chemistry of K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE® will help potential users calculate if it's worth the purchase.



Figure image attributions:
Figures 1 & 2: Screen capture of the K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE® website http://bit.ly/qYd6Wi
Figure 3: Screen capture of K-Y® Brand TINGLING® Jelly website http://bit.ly/qjhYrB
Figure 4: Screen capture from K-Y® Brand Liquid website http://bit.ly/oLARbl
Figure 5: Screen capture from K-Y® Brand WARMING® Liquid website http://bit.ly/pNpuof

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  • Kevin says:

    Note of clarification: honey on it's own is emphatically NOT recommended.

    Don't ask.

    • drrubidium says:

      ..and many agree with you! Once heard someone say, "Foods make lousy lubes." Honey, in likely small amounts, looks like it is an ingredient in a number of lube products:.

  • AmoebaMike says:

    So what you're telling us is that KY took stuff that's already on the shelf, packaged it together and marketed as something new.

    Sounds like something they'd do. When I think "innovative" in the sex world, "KY" isn't a brand that comes to mind.

    The best thing about KY is that they carry it everywhere. If you want a quality lubricant, you have to go some place a little more "adult" than the pharmacy.

  • JaySeeDub says:

    Pretty much. KY is so not an innovative company. Not surprising given how little they spend, comparatively, each year on R&D.

    ...also, their stuff really, really hurts when it gets in your eye.

  • D. C. Sessions says:

    Propylene Glycol is also used as a food-grade sweetener.

  • Christina Pikas says:

    I think the thing that's different about all this is that it *is* sold everywhere and it *is* marketed on prime time television for the average couple. That seems a bit revolutionary to me. What other products in this category are marketed this way?

    Interesting about the contents... hm.

    • drrubidium says:

      Very good points you raise. KY seems heavily marketed and mainstream. Their commercials caught my eye and prompted this post 🙂 I think it is very interesting how both KY and Trojan are going for the 'average-couples-use-us' angle in marketing - buy/try us because everybody already is?

  • James Claims says:

    IcyHot + Honey and fragrances? Really? Granted, KY is not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a spicy sex life. But to market potpourri and back lotion for sex seems to be below the belt in terms of creativity. Thanks for this article though, consider my eyes opened now to the sleazy world of lubricants.

  • PrudeMonkey says:

    Hipsters don't have sex....too mainstream.

  • David Kroll says:

    Back in undergrad, one of my roommates got some sort of "love heat" product he was going to use to experiment with his girlfriend. It listed propylene glycol as the primary ingredient and, sure enough, if you spread it on your skin and blow on it you get a warm sensation. I went to lab and did the same with pure propylene glycol to be sure.

    I think it's because the glycols have a high specific heat (glycerol will do the same but is sticky; ethylene glycol is a bad idea for obvious reasons) and don't evaporate when you blow on them. I also see propylene glycol being used instead of ethylene glycol as a heat carrier in solar energy systems.

    So, propylene glycol makes sense if you're into that sort of thing. And as D.C. pointed out, it's food-grade.

    On the other hand, there's no way in hell that methyl salicylate is getting near my naughty bits.

  • Dee says:

    Propylene glycol and glycerine solvate exothermically into water. QED

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  • Charlotte says:

    My husband and I bought this on vacation last year in October 2012, used it 2 to 3 times a week for couple of months. I started noticing the sex was getting painful, so I went and had a pap test and my doctor said my insides look like a strawberry. Still having pain during intercourse which has cut way down maybe once or twice a month. Quit using Yours and Mine altogether. I have not seen their commercials in a while and I am wondering if there are more women like me. How do I find out if there is any recall or law suits against them.

  • Pamela says:

    It was a good gift from a man that is trying.....it was a thoughtful gift w a free dinner and movie. We don't need it but the power of suggestion was favorable. Fun 50th birthday anyhow. But good info to know