Unfortunately, I'm your guest blogger for the next 2 weeks

Jul 04 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

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Let me be the first to apologize for Scientopia having me serve as their guest blogger for two weeks.  The next two weeks might well be the most frivolous two weeks on the Scientopia Guest Blogge.  Not that I'm a frivolous person, mind you.  I am an analytical chemist focused on separation methods, small molecule mass spectrometry and chemometrics.

As further proof of my non-frivolity, I read a gratuitous amount of non-fiction, listen to NPR and watch PBS.  But I'm a bit of a class clown, a trait most evident in my science blogging (see JAYFK).  I am more likely to write about trebuchet toting traffickers than trace chemical analysis.

During my two weeks as Scientopia guest blogger, you'll be subjected to posts on the SCOTUS' cocaine problem and threatened nuts, along with an episode of Bunsen Burner & Hooch.  Hopefully, this two weeks will be fun for you readers.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure you'll actually learn anything sciency.

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