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Well, I suppose an introduction is in order: so, who the hell am I? My name's Nat Blair, and for some reason the folks here at Scientopia saw fit to open up the Guest Blogge for me to post some inanities and half proofread ravings. Normally I'm posting those over at my home blog of the Junction Potential. Of course, posting there has been sporadic as of late, given, you know, life and all. When I have posted, I've talked about things like:
-Being a postdoc. Now, being a senior postdoc. And old postdoc. A crotchety old post doc. But I and my comrades are part of the scientific endeavor too (or part of the Tribe, as some might phrase it), so let's represent!

Being a dad and a husband. I have two little kids and a great wife. But splitting the time between those aspects of my life and science work ain't easy (as anyone doing so amply knows).

Being a rig jockey. I'm an electrophysiologist, neurobiologist, and ion channel afficionado. I'm also a anal retentive, demanding experimentalist, who loves talking details. I <3 sausage making.

Being a Yankees fan in Mouth Breather Nation (or Red Sox, for those unaware). Hell, not just in the Nation (was there ever a more annoying term for a fan base than to add "Nation" to it?) but in viewing distance of their crappy, dilapidated park. *cough* Sorry, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. What a dump.

Being a metal fan. If you're passing through our lab and hear the driving, pounding beat of Brann Dailor's drums (or 55 ga. drum for the intro the "Crystal Skull." YES!), the relentless rhythm attack of James and Lars, or the sweet, dulcet sounds of Bruce Dickinson, then you must near my little hole in the wall. Nothing goes with a little patch clamping like a good dose of heavy metal. It's also good for annoying the Boss.

I hope some of you out there will swing by over the next two weeks to check out what's going on here in this locale. I'll see what I can do to get you all riled up and stuff.

Now, I'll leave you with a song that I usually turn up to 11 whenever starting a road trip, or something new in general:


"it's a speed metal song about the Battle of Britain ferchrissakes!!!"



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