The last hurrah

May 21 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

I think this my last post here at Scientopia as I'm pretty sure it's been two weeks. Yes this is the sad state of my life right now, where I'm never really sure of the exact time or date. My sense of time is all relative to the next thing that must get done. Right now the next thing that must get done is the house cleaned, boy fed,  groceries bought & inlaws visited. It was super nice of the Scientopia folk to invite me to guest blog and I feel sorta bad that I've haven't been the best guest blogger. I mean everyone else was posting on a daily basis and I've barely been able to get  5 posts together (mind you its way better than I have been doing!). Unfortunately, this seems to be a going trend in the #SciMom blogging community. Most of the scientist/moms/ 10 other responsibilities bloggers are just not blogging as much.  If I look at the sidebar on my own site, its obvious that many blogs have been dormant of months (even those of are not parents aren't blogging as much). FIA is attempting to start again and I made a new years resolution to blog more frequently, but the fact of the matter is I have 0 time. I wake up, get the lunches together, get dressed, get the monkey dressed and am out the door.  I used to be out the door by 7:45am, but lately I've let the child sleep and have slowed down the morning rush because I'm getting to the point where I physically can not do it, but we're still out the door by 8:30 most mornings. Then its a full day in the lab before getting to daycare, struggling to get the monkey to stop playing with his best buddies and start the commute home (~ 1hour drive). We get home, have dinner, wash up, take the dog out/go to the park/ bake bread or do something with our child. Before you know it, its bath and bedtime. Prior to being a human incubator, after monkey's bedtime I would work or relax, but now I just pass out. I suspect that this is the life of many of the other parent bloggers out there.  Somewhere in this schedule I am supposed to find some quality time with the sperm provider in my life. Hahahahaha!

It would be so much easier if I didn't have anything to blog about, but I have ideas. Everyday, I come up with ideas. Ranting about how fucked up our society is that the term "who's your daddy" is completely OK. or Why I've chosen to have a midwife for delivering my children. My annoyance at Canada Safeways reduction in customer service. Or tips for having a successful grad career (treat it like a professional job and act like an adult) I just have no time.

They say motherhood should not be about sacrifice and it shouldn't. But if you want to be an involved parent and have a stimulating career, something has to give. You can not have it all at the same time. While I'm on mat leave, I may have more time for my hobbies. Once my chidren hit the teen years I will have more time for me. But sadly I think for the next 5 years, my time is going to be the fact that I'm having an awesome time in my lab.  Which is sad to me. As I think my voice is a valuable one. I would loved to have someone like me to read about or chat with. And I want to be able to be a role model for other women wanting to combine grad school with motherhood, especially visible minorities. I hope my archives will be enough for now because I suspect my blogging frequency is not going to change for the next little while. Though I hope that doesn't stop you from adding me to your feed 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the small sample of what I write about and will click over to my blogger soon to be wordpress site for my infrequent writings.


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