Getting over the hump

May 15 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

I don't know how the non-Canada residing parents scientist do it. I have just under 6 weeks left before the inmate's release date. Whether or not s/he is getting early parole or longer sentence is not known.  Even though I have 6 more weeks to be in the lab, get shit done. I'm mentally done. This pregnancy has been death to my productivity. The first trimester I was exhausted. I couldn't stay awake for more than 2 hours. The second trimester is where I made a ton of progress on my thesis, but then in the last month I have lost all my steam. I. just. don'

Case in point. I have a committee meeting this week. The rules state that I must email my committee a progress report TWO weeks before. Ask me if I have done that yet? Nope. Ask me if I care? Nope! Which is so out of character for me. Normally I freak out about not meeting deadlines and having shit ready to go before the deadline (having a child get sick at the most inopportune times helps cement this habit). I'm just done.

There are experiments I want to do, I think it would be great to have the information, but I am so tired that I just can't. Plus I have like 10 slides that I need to image and analyze before the inmate gets out. But I have no motivation. I just want to sit on the couch and sleep. Which I can't because if I'm home I have the monkey to deal with and if I take him into daycare, well then I have to stay in the lab because daycare is at the uni, which is a long commute away.

The weekends have been insane for the last 2 months as well with all the house reno's that were going on. Word of advice. Do not start redoing your kitchen / dining room and having your WHOLE house painted when you're 28 weeks pregnant. Not smart. At all. Though probably way smarter then doing it after the baby is born!

So why do I think its harder for non-Canada residing parents? Because you guys actually have to go back to work WAY sooner than me. I get a year to recover, mentally and physically. I could not imagine having to go back to work 6 - 12 weeks later. That is insane. Thank God / FSM / Martians that I live up here, even if my fellow citizens were stupid enough to vote in an asshole as our PM.

I must go work on my progress report, just wanted to post since its been a few days.  Oh and thank you to everyone for their kind words.  It was very very much appreciated.

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  • WhizBANG says:

    You know, that title can be interpreted on so many levels...
    Just sayin'

  • GMP says:

    then in the last month I have lost all my steam. I. just. don'

    Oh I so know what you mean. It's really really hard to get motivated and there's so much shit to do (I am due at the very end of June).