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Quite typically for the blogger version of me, I get to the end of a 2 week guest blogging spell here at Scientopia and think 'damn, I meant to write about a, b and c as well'.  I do this all the time - think up things during the day that would make a fantastic blog post (to me anyways), then forget to write it, or decide to think about it some more, and then it just doesn't get done.  I guess I need a bit of self-discipline, but then I spend every day exerting a large quantity of self-discipline, mainly to avoid yet another mug of hot chocolate, but also to get marking or some such teaching chore done.

Spring Break!

On the other hand, its our equivalent of spring break now, the end of term and the possibility of a few slightly less hectic months.  The end of the academic year is in sight, just, if you squint and look slightly to the left of the pile of marking that is, and the summer stretches out beyond that.  In addition to writing here, I submitted my first major solo grant application over the last fortnight,  spent 3 nights recovering from said submission in a very nice hotel, and enjoying views like this:

Derwentwater, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England, UK


I'll echo Émilie and Patrice's sentiments - this has been a great experience, and my thanks go to all involved in sorting it out, and to you all for taking the trouble to read.      I'll head back over to Endless Possibilities now which feels a bit like heading home after a nice wee break - hopefully things haven't gotten too dusty!



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