My relationship with "him"

Apr 02 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

5 days... it's the duration of our last break.

5 days... it's not that long ... but it was long enough to forget you. It was long enough to forget that sometimes, you are getting me out of my mind!

During those days far from you, I spent some time with "normal" people, people who are not like you... or like me!? This is not the first time that I'm behaving like this.... taking a break from you... and each time it's the same thing: I forget you easily!

When I finally decided to come back, a notice, sent by email, was quietly waiting for me: "Dear friend, your manuscript has been rejected" (arghhh, the second one of the month!). What was that all about ? Some kind of revenge ?? Clearly, that shot was below the belt... I almost left again!

3 days... it's the period of time since my return.

Strangely, I'm coming to work in the morning with a smile... It's seems like I'm passionate about you... it's crazy, huh?!?

Love/hate: That is my relationship with you, my PhD!

What kind of relationship do you have with yours ???


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