What Am I? 13

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'What Am I?' is a Tuesday feature on my blog.  Yes I know its Wednesday today - big grant deadline looming so a little behind at the moment!  Normal service should resume by lunchtime Thursday.  Its an excuse for me to point out that everything is made of chemicals and also provokes some interesting reactions from those who find molecules scary.

Below I’ve listed the key chemicals found in a commonly available  product.  I’ve drawn the chemical structures of principal components where simple and appropriate; given the E number or CAS number (however tempting Sigma-Aldrich catalogue numbers would be) if no simple chemical structure exists for an additive; and given the chemical formulae or name if neither of the above make sense.  See if you can guess what this is!  If no one gets it within 24 hours, I will post a clue.

01/04/11 - I've put the answer below the fold!

E473, E464, E104, E110

Some people have correctly identified the substance - its an over the counter medication sold in the UK, but there are variations in other countries, that is used for tension headaches.  The brand I had in mind was Syndol.   The active ingredients are codeine phosphate, caffeine, paracetamol (acetaminophen) and doxylamine succinate.  The other ingredients are colours, and other additives to make the drugs into a tablet.  The lactose is part of the tablet coating.

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