Who am I?

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Hello everybody! I am Émilie Pérusse-Lachance, a kinesiologist with a master's degree in physical activity and healthy lifestyle promotion. At the moment, I am a PhD student in physiology and obesity and a contributor at Le Physiologiste.

Angelo Tremblay has been my master’s degree co-supervisor, and now is my PhD supervisor. A “research lover”, he can almost read and write a paper while he's doing his running intervals (can't wait to be like him!). I consider him my "Grand Manitou" and my personal growth teacher! Patrice Brassard is my co-supervisor... what a nice guy! Why? First, he is 4 years older than me so not long time ago, he was in my shoes! Second, his passion for research is contagious and now, I'm infected! What a complementary team of supervisors! As you can see, I'm very well surrounded!

What more can I say about me? I can assure you that at first, I didn’t want (at all!) to do grad studies. Indeed, I was considering that my undergrad studies in kinesiology were well enough! But.... after having started to work as a kinesiologist, I soon realized that I wanted to learn more about physical activity and its related topics. In fact, a little bit naïve, I wanted to save the world, nothing less! Ok, I know, I cannot literally do it, but you may consider that doing a PhD in physiology and obesity is my own way to save the world "a little"! Anyway, I feel great about it!

This year is my last one as a PhD student. It’s like if I didn’t see the first 2 years passed, although it has been a challenging moment in my life... “full of emotions” my friends and colleagues would say (you will figure it out in my next post !) ! I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about my future as a researcher (or is it about my thesis defense??) but I can't wait to write the last sentence of that thesis... However, for now, numerous volunteers are scheduled for experiments before I can start dreaming about the first sentence of the thesis!


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  • Marie-Jeanne Allard-Bergeron says:


    I’m so proud of you! I’m sure you can save the world no matter what you say or do! Don’t worry with your thesis defense or your life as a researcher! You will be perfect! You are the most professional kinesiologist that I know! (and sorry for my english!)


  • brooksphd says:


  • Laurence Audette says:

    I never thought I would see that happen; a friend of mine as a PhD grad! As Marie-Jeanne said, you are the most professional kinesiologist I know. Your future will be bright and full of suprises. I just can't wait to read your articles to my sudents during the physical activity's month!



  • Zuska says:

    Welcome! The passion shines through in your writing - I am sure you will save at least a piece of the world! I'm looking forward to more posts from you.

    • Émilie Pérusse-Lachance says:

      @Zuska: "The passion shines through in your writing".... Glad you can see it even if I wrote my post in English! Stay tuned for my next post!

  • Émilie Pérusse-Lachance says:

    Thank you to all of you ! It's nice to read your encouragements !