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This is a new Scientopia blog that will be hosting a wonderful slate of non-Scientopia bloggers for two-week guest-blogging stints. Have fun!

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  • Can I get involved? I can't find contact info, but you now have mine. I do a science themed blog in the food/healthy lifestyle blogging community. Right now I do about 2 science topic blog entries per month, but if i could guest blog, I could do all science blogs.

  • Joe G says:

    Unfortunately one of your guest bloggers cannot accept being corrected and is forced to lie and censor all responses.

    Is that how science works?

    • chemicalbilology says:

      JoeG, our own automated spam detection system is what swallowed up your comments, because they contained several textual features that looked to it like the random crap it filters out as spam. You can put away your ire because it is completely misplaced.

  • Joe G says:

    Amazing- all I did was post what Anthony Watts REALLY says about global warming and Kevin deleted it.

    The issue of “the world is warming” is not one that climate skeptics question, it is the magnitude and causes. Anthony Watts


  • Joe G says:

    Hi Kollo-

    Kevin McCarthy is censoring my comments- well outright deleting them from his threads, so I respond to you here:

    "2- Must be able to or have come from reproduction"

    Kollo said:
    Bang goes Adam and Eve.

    Adam and Eve were capable of reproduction- you do understand the emaning of "or"...

  • OM says:

    Adam and Eve? Such biblical creationism has no place here. Scientopia - the clue is in the name.

  • Joe G says:


    Kollo brought up Adam and Eve- not only that science doesn't care if God created Adam and Eve. Science only cares about reality.

  • Occam's Aftershave says:

    Speaking from personal experience, Joe G is a known head case and all around creep who has been stalking Kevin McCarthy across the internet for some time now. Besides being a habitual liar, Joe G has also been banned from several science discussion boards for making threats of physical violence against other posters, myself included.

    Hopefully the authorities will catch up with this psychopath like they took down his fellow anti-science stalker Dave Mabus / Dennis Markuze. It would be in Scientopia's best interest to get rid of him now.

  • Joe G says:

    Wow, just wow- a known liar and anaonymous coward "speaking from personal eperience".

    Yeah that counts for something- not....

    Can't beat 'em with science might as well ban 'em, right OA.

    Censorship is the ONLY way you can "win". Life is good- keep up the good spewage.

  • Roy says:

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